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Zoning - Koolnova

Zoning allows an apartment or office to be divided into different zones so that air conditioning and thermal comfort are controlled independently in each room.

The advantages offered are: aesthetics, comfort, tailor-made installation, and reduced energy consumption.


Aeraulic distribution aims at the hygiene, safety, healthiness and comfort of environments. It can be used in numerous residential, commercial or industrial settings.

Aeraulic systems are composed of a variety of elements depending on the needs they must satisfy. They are classified UNI: EN 103399: 1995 according to the functions performed: ventilation, thermoventilation, air conditioning, recovery.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

Point or centralized systems for air exchange and filtration, suitable for residential, commercial and tertiary applications.

Integration with PCO™ Active Sanitization module is provided on some VMC devices.

Active sanitization with Photocatalytic Oxidation

Actively acts 24/24H in air, surfaces and ducts where a PCO™ Dust Free® Active Sanitization Module is employed.


AQSensor is the new air quality monitoring and control device. With its certified probes, it monitors the main parameters of indoor air quality: Temperature, Humidity, actual CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), PM1, PM2.5, PM10 (airborne particulate matter).

It is equipped with a display that lights up reporting the detected indoor air quality level. Based on the coloring, it is possible to check the level of IAQ in the environment.


Ultra-high efficiency heat pump air conditioning systems equipped with sanitizing technology. Ideal for commercial and industrial environments.

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Sanificazione attiva: di che cosa si tratta?

Active sanitation: what is it all about?

Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO™) is known in Italy as Photocatalytic Oxidation and is the photochemical principle behind DUST FREE® active sanitization products.
DUST FREE® technology was developed in aerospace with the aim of sanitizing environments for aerospace expeditions in a way that meets very high standards of healthfulness and air quality.

Cos'è la ventilazione meccanica controllata?

What is controlled mechanical ventilation?

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation consists of point or centralized systems for the proper exchange and filtration of air with the outside, adoptable in residential, commercial and industrial settings.
Thanks to special heat exchangers built into the devices themselves, energy recovery from the expelled air (from the inside to the outside) takes place with a greater regard for energy conservation.

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