AQSensor is the new device that Air Control SRL has developed in partnership with AQSafe with the aim of offering the market an innovative and reliable solution for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality.

Thanks to the certified probes, AQSensor is able to monitor the levels of Temperature, Humidity, real CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), PM1, PM2.5, PM10 (airborne particulate) present in a given environment.

Furthermore, it is able to report any situations that require specific interventions. The control logic allows implementations in B.M.S., U.T.A. systems, fan-coils and other air treatment devices (e.g. DUST FREE® devices).

AQSensor is available in the versions:

  • Professional: Surface, In-Wall
  • End User: Desktops, Plug-ins

The Professional versions are able to control and regulate the flow rate of the controlled mechanical ventilation machines and to activate the DUST FREE® electrostatic sanitization and filtration devices in such a way as to bring the air quality back to a healthy level.