Regulation and Zoning

Zoning allows independent management of all those areas into which a residential or commercial environment has been divided. The distribution of rooms using the Koolnova system allows personalized individual comfort and rational energy consumption.

It is estimated that a zoning system allows for energy savings of 40%-50% compared to the use of conventional air conditioning systems.

The Koolnova zoning system is compatible with any ducted system, so as to be able to satisfy the most varied needs in terms of planning specifications, environmental comfort and design.


The new generation buildings are designed with the principle of containing energy consumption, so that the environmental impact and energy consumption are as low as possible.

Therefore, new buildings have a greater need for custom-designed air conditioning systems; that is, there is a need for air treatment systems that can satisfy the demands for environmental comfort, aesthetics and energy saving imposed by the new design and construction standards.

Ducted air conditioning systems can be designed considering the actual energy needs of the rooms treated, in such a way as to combine comfort, design and respect for the environment. In fact, unlike multi-split systems which are often oversized and unsightly, the Koolnova Zonification system guarantees to reach the highest design, quality and energy standards.


  1. Quick installation
    All the elements are connected with a two-wire BUS cable (without polarity). Following installation, you have complete and automatic control of the machine's functions: On/Off, set temperature, hot-cold switching, fan speed change based on the number of open vents.
  2. Energy efficiency
    Zoning allows you to save energy up to 50% more than conventional systems.
  3. ISO 9001 quality
    Koolnova products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the procedures indicated by UNI: EN
    ISO 9001:2015.
  4. Design & Comfort
    All the elements of the Koolnova line stand out for their elegance, design and efficiency. It is possible to independently control the temperature of all the zones served by the zoning system.
  5. High-tech home automation
    Koolnova can be easily integrated with any home automation system available on the market. The vents of the line are equipped with temperature sensors, infrared detection and LEDs.
  6. Compatibility
    Koolnova is compatible with ducted air conditioning systems: Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin Air Conditioners, Samsung, Fujitsu, Toshiba, LG, Hitachi. This is made possible by the direct connection to the BUS of the infrared interface system and thanks to the programming via Koolnova command.