The aeraulic distribution is made up of all those systems made up of pipes, ducts, micro-perforated channels, which transport air. By aeraulic system we mean a set of equipment, devices, accessories and controls for achieving the desired air quality in pre-established conditions.

Air distribution systems have the following main functions:

  1. Air conditioning
  2. Air purification
  3. Air exchange


System solutions dedicated to heating, cooling, humidification, filtering and deodorization.

System solutions dedicated to the sanitation of environments through the separation or removal of contaminating or polluting elements.


As an alternative to the ducts and sheet metal aeraulic components, we propose the use of the pre-insulated duct built using expanded polyurethane panels. The reduced weight (eight times lower), compared to a traditional sheet metal system, allows us to obtain significant advantages in terms of compliance with the regulations related to safety at work and the anti-seismic nature of modern structures.

The construction of the channel begins with the computer plotting of the individual components which are cut by automatic machines and folded, if necessary, in such a way as to obtain various special pieces. Finally, they are joined following a process of gluing, pressing and abstracting.

Once the various components of the aeraulic system have been obtained, they can easily be joined using special flanges.

Based on an executive mechanical project, we are able to create any type of air distribution system with precision and speed: we produce and supply all the necessary parts; from the duct to the diffuser, from the heat recovery unit to the air handling unit, up to the Dust Free® Active Sanitization (PCO™) systems capable of offering active sanitization of the ducts themselves, of the surfaces and of the environments in which they are used.