Sanitization kit
Sanitization kit
Sanitization kit

Sanitization kit - Plenum module
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    Fan coil systems - Plenum

Installed inside the delivery plenum, it allows the sanitization of the system and the rooms.
Pre-wired kit, ideal for simple and quick installation inside the air delivery plenum.< br>The kit consists of the FC UNIT 3" device pre-assembled on a metal inspection hatch which allows rapid installation in plenums and ducts.
Effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens, odours, organic and volatile compounds.

Technical details:
SANI KIT 1: 1 FC UNIT 3†with 1 trap door + 1 junction box
SANI 2 KIT: 2 FC UNIT 3†with 2 hatches + 1 junction box