Wire interface

Wire interface
Wire interface
Wire interface

Wire interface
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    Zoning components

Device that allows communication between the Koolnova system and the air conditioning system.
It has a specific algorithm to obtain maximum energy efficiency by optimizing the inverters to the maximum.
Allows you to configure the working conditions of the air conditioning system based on the actual request of the system.
Communication via cable.

Technical details:
Connection with BUS CLIMA KOOLNOVA (two wires without polarity) with consumption on the bus <170mW.
Power supply from the INTERFACE and connection to the machine via two wires X, Y.
Selection of the 3 or 4 speed machines via switch under the cover (S3).< br>Up to 4 INTERFACES for each control unit selectable via switches under the cover.
V.BUS: 24V.
P.BUS max.: 170mW.
Dimensions (LxDxH): 90x61x54 mm
Weight: 80g .