Vent Ducted Plenum
Vent Ducted Plenum
Vent Ducted Plenum
Vent Ducted Plenum
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    Ducted Air distribution
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    Ducted plenum - PAL channels - Accessories

Plenum for ducts with single row integrated vent.
Made with pre-insulated panel. Plenum with PSB diffuser.
For other types such as DLF or BMA, specify when ordering.

Possibility of supply with SANITIZATION SYSTEM PLMB-CDZ-KS1 / PLMB-CDZ-KS2 (recommended).

Machine brands and models on the market. Check the model with the Aircontrol production department.

Technical details:
Material: aluminum and expanded polyurethane.
STANDARD plenum depth 300 mm.
Width and height as machine output.

Only avaiable in the Italian Market