Respiro 06
Respiro 06
Respiro 06
Respiro 06
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  • Technology:
    UV, PCO and Ionizer
  • Category:
    Purification systems

RESPIRO 06 is a PLUG-IN air purification and sanitization system, made of ABS.
The system is equipped with six purification and sanitization stages:
two prefilters, two HEPA H13 , two activated carbon filters, two PCO ™ photocatalytic filters, two UVC lamps and a negative ionizer.
Effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens, odours, organic and volatile compounds, ultrafine particles.

< p>Technical details:
Power supply: 230-1-50 / V-ph-Hz
Air flow from: 630 m3/h
Power consumption: 67 W
Sound power: 40.1-65.1 dB(A)
Weight: 12 Kg
CADR (clean air emission rate): 630 m 3/h